Friday, October 18, 2013

I Want To Be Ready!

Ever have those days where you wake up ready to face anything thrown at you and own the world? I have that day everyday, for about 2 minutes! Then, wham! Reality settles in and the feelings of doubt in my abilities start. Ok...not every day, but too often! So, what am I to do?

Now I didn't say what I really do, rather what should I do! If my mornings started the night before that would be incredibly smart! How do I do that? Well, I'm so glad you asked! Preparing in advance for the next day starts with the checklist:

1. Are backpacks ready and kids' clothes picked out?

2. Oh good grief, do we have milk for breakfast? Food for lunch boxes?

3. Yes? Well now I need to be thankful for God's provisions for this day as well as tomorrow!

4.  I really need sleep!

5. The alarm? Did I set it? Ok, we are good!

6. Quit hitting the snooze! Susan, for heavens' sake get up!

7. Thank you, God, for a restful night and every breath I take today. Show yourself to me!

There you have it! 7 simple steps to being ready! Ok, we know there is so much more involved. What are we really striving to be ready for? The day is only 24 hours so only so much can take place, right?  Haha!  Are you serious? In all honesty I never know what will unfold and neither do you. Stuff happens! Being ready for anything simply means trusting that when the unexpected happens, my Strong Tower will never crumble! He's prepared for what I am not!  Hold firmly to His promises to have planned for your good!

Ok, God, I'm ready! (I will need to be reminded of this often! Just sayin')

QUESTION: What do you do to be ready?

Have a character building day!

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