Tuesday, November 12, 2013

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Seriously, this is NOT the style boot I was planning on wearing this weekend! How in the world can I possibly do the most bizarre things? Picture this, I'm wearing my tennis shoes (yes, mom they were tied), walking across the living room floor, and boom! I'm on the ground! Absolutely nothing in the way, clear passage, and I end up with a chipped bone in the back of my ankle (which does not hurt...go figure), soft tissue damage and ligament damage on the top of my foot and ankle! Really?

I know there has to be a really good reason, and someday, I know God will reveal exactly what it is, but I have to say, I'm a little busy for this to happen! Now what? I guess, this means I have to humble myself (seriously? I am not good at that!) and allow people to help me. Wait, I've needed help for the past two years! Who am I kidding? You would think that by now, I'd be good at accepting help, but it just goes against my personality. I'm the one who always offers a hand, and is able to jump in and do what's needed when others can not. Is there a lesson for me to learn, still, again, once more....hmmm...i'm going to think yes is the answer. 

God, I don't like sitting here and You know it. Thank you that it's not as bad as it could be, and that I have wonderful parents and kids that are able and willing to help out. But, God, this is really hard for me. I feel weak and needy. 

WATCH OUT....GOD JUST SAID, "REALLY???" Of course I'm weak and needy, and that's not a bad thing to be at times. No, I'm not saying I think we should be incapable of caring for ourselves and the normal things at hand, but I know I am a weak woman of flesh, and I need a Big Savior! I also need to allow people to help me. It's their opportunity to minister to me, and allow Jesus to be visible to me through them. 

QUESTION: When do you feel weak and needy, and do you allow others to be Jesus to you?

Have a character building day!

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