Monday, November 4, 2013

I Have Seen the Light!

It's amazing how 6:30 am on a Monday morning is much more inspiring in the fall! I love to get the kids up and they are not waking in the dark! (Yes, I know, most teenagers walk around in a dark cloud, brooding and sluggishly preparing for their day regardless of light or darkness! Let's leave them out of this!) Beyond how the kids feel, I know that I am a better Mommy this time of year.

The cool crisp mornings, now filled with light in the sky, seems to have lifted a feeling of blah! You know the feeling, don't sit there on the Grammar Judgement Bench and roll your eyes, you know exactly what I mean! This time of year never fails to bring me hope, inspiration and feelings of refreshment. I am more rested, more creative and actually have more energy. OK, so maybe I'm a little different, but the leaves falling from the trees after having been changed to beautiful colors give me hope.

This is the season that the old falls away and after a period of harsh times, new life and opportunity will spring forth. It's a season of retrospect for me. I take a quick inventory of what my year has looked like, what have I accomplished and what do I need to do differently. I then use the next few months to really dig in and seek out ways to make the coming year better.

I have seen the light...and I'm thankful. The Light of my precious Jesus, the light of a new morning and the light of love that I see in my children's eyes (yes, even the teenagers at 6:30 am) are all I need.

What does fall mean to you?

Have a character building day!

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